Happy Mother's Day to all the incredible, selfless mothers who do their best every day to raise the future generation and better the world. We see your constant sacrifice, we honor your beautiful, changing bodies, and we appreciate your unconditional love.



However, we'd be totally remiss if we didn't also acknowledge the other side of Mother's Day, which can be... straight up painful. For so many of us, whether it's feeling the absence of a mother, the difficulty in becoming a mother, or the lack of recognition for the way in which you mother, this well-meaning holiday can bring up feelings of disillusionment and disappointment. 

Especially in times like these, when many (most?) of us are physically separated from our mothers or children, this day can feel particularly loaded. We know because we feel it too.



So, on this beautiful Sunday in May, we’d like to extend a big virtual Mother’s Day hug to all of you, especially: 

  • If you are a mother who is trying her best
  • If you are a mother who isn't perfect
  • If you’ve recently lost a mother
  • If you’re struggling to become a mother
  • If you’re a mother or someone who mothers in a way that isn’t traditionally recognized 
  • If you never had a mother
  • If you’re a mother who lost a child
  • If you’re separated from your mother or children today



Let’s face it — being a mother is hard. Navigating a world without a mother is hard. Struggling to become a mother is hard. And while this is all true, there’s perhaps nothing the world needs more right now than a mother’s love.

In honor of the women who raised us, the women who inspire us, and the women who continue to support us, let’s channel their mothering energy back out into the world around us. 



We’re so honored to be part of this beautiful community of women. Sending lots of love.


Your Honeylove family


    • From a mother who is so grateful to have a daughter full of a joyful spirit that’s graced by wisdom and inside/outside beauty able to light the way for her friends and family. At a distant, or up close on the phone, you are my heart.

      Love… and honey!

      Janice Weiss —

    • God Bless you for your heart felt words. I so greatly appreciate the timely words..

      DEBORA —

    • Thank you for this beautiful message. I know so many wonderful women in many of these phases of life. Thank you for acknowledging all women and the mothers they are and the mothers they love 💕

      Patty —

    • 💗🌸💕I’m joining in this virtual hug for all the mothers/daughters that need it on this day…..

      Amber Dawn —

    • Thank you for this beautiful and touching post, and for including all women. My thoughts are with all the women you described today. 💗

      Lizzy —

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