Made with intention

Our goal is to create
products you’ll love for a
lifetime — not throw in a
landfill. Here’s what we’re
doing to minimize our
environmental impact.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

As of 2021, we offset our annual CO₂ emissions for all imported product transportation through our partnership with the Foundation. In 2021, we offset 554.75 tonnes of carbon. This is equal to carbon absorbed by 656.40 acres of forest over one year.

Reducing apparel waste

When we heard that 85% of clothes end up in landfills or incinerators, we made a commitment to do our part to reduce apparel waste. In addition to creating high-quality garments that are built to last, we use conscientious returns processing practices. After thoroughly inspecting every returned item, unworn garments with tags and liners attached are sanitized and placed in a fresh polybag before being resold. If they are in nearly perfect condition, they are sanitized and donated to organizations that support women. This process allows us to greatly minimize the number of our products that will end up in landfills.


Quality is our number one priority. Each Honeylove product is made with durable fabric that keeps its shape and reinforced seaming that won’t fall apart. We also work hard to create timeless, trend-less pieces that you’ll be excited to wear for years.

Less packaging waste

We use biodegradable mailers instead of a box whenever possible. In 2022, we are upgraded to include recycled hang tags and poly bags.

More efficient sampling

By committing to domestic research and product development, we’re able to drastically reduce the waste created by overseas sampling.

Rigorous testing

An extensive wear testing and customer surveying process ensures each product meets our quality standards to minimize returns and extend product life.

Giving back

Products in excellent condition that cannot be resold are donated to organizations like I Support the Girls and Dress for Success to give underserved women access to Honeylove garments and avoid unnecessary waste. In 2021 we donated $1 million worth of bras, tops, and shapewear to I Support the Girls.