Designed by a World Touring Artist



Hi, I’m Betsie Larkin and I created Sculptwear because I needed a more reliable shapewear to wear during my live vocal performances. When I feel comfortable and confident, it actually helps me to perform better!


For the last 8 years, I’ve been a singer & artist in the EDM world. I’ve released songs with some of the world’s top producers, toured with Armin van Buuren and released two solo albums.


Performing in front of large audiences is incredible, but it’s also scary! There’s a lot of pressure to do your best when there are thousands of eyes on you. I first tried shapewear to get extra support in my stage outfits, but it rolled down, squeezed in the wrong places and didn’t deliver the shaping that I wanted.


I couldn’t find shaping garments that I could really count on, so I spent the last two years developing Sculptwear!




You know that feeling when your clothing fits perfectly? You have a little extra room, allowing your outfit to drape easily. You feel more comfortable, which often results in feeling a little more confident. There's no need to readjust, tuck anything in or smooth wrinkles. That feeling was the inspiration for Sculptwear - to be able to get that feeling on command, whether it's under a special outfit, or when dressing up for a special occasion.

It took two years to "make it work"

I teamed up with a corsetry wizard with over 20 years of experience and a couture evening gown designer, and began the process of building and rebuilding. There was a lot of sewing, serging, seam ripping, fabric and thread testing, not to mention obscene amounts of coffee. After 20 iterations we had something that one product-tester referred to as "the holy grail of shapewear."


What makes Sculptwear different from shapewear?

Two words - shifting and structure.

  • Shifting: Unlike your ankles, your tummy, buns and upper legs are gloriously curvy and complex. A sock might work for your ankles, but your booty deserves something better. Most shapewear squeezes your body like a sock, whereas Sculptwear shifts your shape, emphasizing what you want emphasized and gently redistributing areas you want to minimize. The result is smooth, comfortable, effective shaping.
  • Structure: Think about it - how is the waistband on your shapewear going to stay up when gravity wants it to roll down and your waist is more narrow than your rib cage. One word - structure. Sculptwear's SoftFlex structures in the side waist prevent your waistband from ever rolling down. They also support your posture.

Sculptwear is show-offable

Bridget Jones and any shapewear owner will tell you that it's usually not the most seductive item in your lingerie drawer. Our testers shared stories of sneaking into the bathroom to hide their shapewear, tossing it in the trash or hiding it in their purse to avoid being seen wearing it. Cue Hugh Grant saying "Jones - these are absolutely enormous pants!" 

Sculptwear's silhouette is actually flattering - sheer stretch tulle grazes over your skin creating an almost air-brushed finish. The silky bodice is contoured with our signature curved X shape that's smartly shaped like an hourglass. Meanwhile, our patent-pending BoostBands perk up your bum and tone upper thighs. You might find yourself lingering in front of the mirror before getting dressed!