According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women in the world. In fact — and you’ve probably heard this chilling statistic before — 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. The good news? Most breast cancer is extremely treatable when caught early. That’s why we’re committed to sharing these helpful self-exam and prevention tips with our audience so you can be armed with the knowledge to spot it and make a plan for what to do if you find something. 


The goal is to check yourself once a month. Ideally, perform the exam a week after the end of your cycle when your breasts are their least swollen. However, if it’s easier to remember to do it on a specific date each month, go with that tactic! Checking is always better than not checking.


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One of the biggest blocks to self checks is fear. If that sounds like you, remember this: most cancer that’s caught early is very treatable. Download the Keep A Breast app to learn what to do if you find something.

Minimize exposures to carcinogens and hormone disrupters. Visit Breast Cancer Prevention Partners’ website for more info on where these exposures come from and how you can make clean product swaps. 

Minimize heavily processed foods and try to eat as fresh, local, and organic as possible. If that’s not always accessible, don’t stress — just do your best! Some is always better than none.

Reduce alcohol consumption. Evidence suggests that it’s best not to drink alcohol at all, but sometimes that’s not always possible. After all, we all need to let loose sometimes! Being mindful of when and how much you drink is always a good place to start, and then you can make adjustments based on what you notice about your habits. 


Download the Keep A Breast app for a step-by-step guide to what you should do if you feel like you've found something abnormal. 


  • I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the hospital 8 months ago. However, the hospital highly recommended complete resection and breast reconstruction surgery. I refused. And healthy organic food, exercise, and wear an elastic bra. A few days ago, I had a breast cancer re-examination. Again, the lump of breast cancer was gone, but I received a message from the breast surgical oncology Department to check again. Early detection of breast cancer is important, I think that resection and mammoplasty are good methods and not results. So I want a bra that I can wear comfortably even at night

    Drant Rhee —

  • I recently was diagnosed with breast cancer that was found at a routine exam with my OB. It is so important to make sure you see your doctor once a year! Last year my mammogram was clear…I’ve just had surgery that removed my tumor. I will be starting treatment soon to keep cancer away!

    Karen —

  • Thank you for this information, it’s appreciated I didn’t know some of the valuable information given. Your doing more than selling products.

    Carla Arnold —

  • I have breast cancer it was caught in its early stage from a routine mammogram I am okay for now

    MaryHarmon —

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