Feeling fab in your Honeylove? Show it off! Snap a pic of yourself wearing Honeylove (on its own or under your clothes, it's up to you!), share on social and tag @gethoneylove to receive up to $100 in store credit.

2 Ways To Get Rewarded


1. Show us how Honeylove enhances your favorite outfit

Share a photo on social wearing your Honeylove product under an outfit you love and tag @gethoneylove. Then, share your entry through this form https://honeylove.typeform.com/to/DLHTmG to qualify for $10 store credit. If we choose to share your photo on our channels, you will receive an additional $10 credit.

2. Show off your favorite Honeylove product

Unlike traditional shapewear, Honeylove's Sculptwear is designed to be seen! Share a high-quality photo wearing your favorite Honeylove product on social and share your entry details using this form https://honeylove.typeform.com/to/DLHTmG to earn $30 off your next order. To qualify, your photo must clearly show you wearing Honeylove, and the garment can't be obscured by any items of clothing. Refer to the editorial guidelines below for more information. 

If our editorial team selects your photo to be shared on our website, email, or social channels, you will receive $100 in store credit. Please refer to the editorial guidelines below to learn more about how you can qualify. 

@JennyRieu wearing Honeylove on Instagram

Editorial guidelines

1. Make sure you share your social entry using this form  https://honeylove.typeform.com/to/DLHTmG to qualify for store credits. 

2. Great lighting is a must. Make sure you are evenly lit.

3. Ensure you're in focus and your Honeylove garment is clearly visible. Zoomed out photos or photos taken from a distance that make it hard to view your Honeylove garment will be ineligible to receive credit.

4. If you're wearing any item of clothing over your Honeylove garment, you will not be eligible for $30 store credit. You will be offered $10 or $20 store credit instead.

5. For images where the garment is visible, be sure to pull the garment all the way up to your bra line in the front and back, and make sure that the crotch and hip seams are pulled into place.

How to wear SculptwearHow to wear Sculptwear

5. Photograph in a space that shows off your unique style — a beautiful room, a stylish bathroom, or in front of a mural or brightly colored wall. Have fun with it! 

Terms and conditions:

  1. All credits are issued only if photos meet Honeylove's editorial guidelines.
  2. Sharing a photo does not guarantee a store credit. All final decisions rest entirely with the Honeylove editorial team. Honeylove reserves the right to reject photos for any reason.
  3. Honeylove will contact you via the email you share using the entry form (https://honeylove.typeform.com/to/DLHTmG) to offer store credit of $10, $20, $30, or $100. The final amount depends on the quality and type of content shared.
  4. You will qualify for $100 store credit only if the Honeylove editorial team selects your content to be featured on our website, email or social channels. By accepting the offer, you automatically grant Honeylove a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully-paid, non-exclusive right to use your content in any manner to be determined in Honeylove’s sole discretion. Offered and redeemable only once per user/customer.
  5. Store credit offered may not be combined with any other store credit, sale, promotion, discount, code, coupon and/or offer.
  6. Store credit does not apply to gift cards, previous purchases, applicable taxes, nor shipping and handling.
  7. Returns of any portion of the purchase will require equal forfeiture of store credit.
  8. Not redeemable for cash or cash equivalent.
  9. Limit each store credit only once per user/customer.





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