As the sun comes out and blooming flowers spin their faces towards the light, we are also feeling the call to rejoin the world and blossom into a brighter version of ourselves. 

This spring in particular comes on the heels of an extended hibernation. We’ve spent the year pruning away old parts of ourselves until the raw, real truth was exposed. We buried what no longer served us so it could transform into nourishment, and we grew deeper, stronger roots to reach the nutrients we needed to flower again. Now, a year later, it's time to sow the seeds we fertilized with hope and drove deep into the protective soil. 

But, as any gardener knows, new blooms require TLC. Make sure you're providing ample water, sunshine, and space for your seedlings to flourish. Continue to nurture and protect your inner garden, and you'll be amazed at what grows.

How have you changed this past year? What have you let go? What has transformed into something beautiful?


In need of some grounding? Gardening can help! Studies have shown tending to your plants can improve your mood, combat anxiety and depression, and increase your self-esteem. Simply having a plant in your line of sight can boost your mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity.

How to Start a Vegetable Garden by Carrie Rad (11:11)

How to Start Apartment Indoor Garden by PlantPowerBaby (7:35)



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