This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to celebrate the most important and longest-lasting relationship you’ll ever have: the one you have with yourself. Whether you’re in a romantic partnership or flying solo, spending quality alone time and nurturing your connection to your inner world will enhance every other relationship you have in your life. 

But let’s be real: it can be hard to carve out time for ourselves, especially if you’re cohabitating with partners, children, family members, or roommates. And, even when we do get some precious alone time, it’s a common reflex to fill the silence with distraction. 

That’s why it’s never been more important to consciously and intentionally “date” yourself. Just like you would schedule a date night with your significant other, what if you set aside time each week to do something special and exciting by yourself? If you’re already someone who regularly checks in with themselves, how might you deepen that practice?

So, in honor of this month's famous holiday of love, here are some beautiful ways to adore yourself this February 14th (and beyond).


Original artwork by Carmela Segal

Get quiet and tune in.

Being a good listener is a pillar of any healthy relationship. But, even though we spend so much time living in our bodies, how often do we actually sit back and listen to them? Practice gently bringing your awareness to the subtle symphony of your body. What sensations do you feel? What does your heart say when you turn off your mind? 

Click here for a guided body scan meditation that will help bring you back to center.


Schedule a daily walk. 

In Mason Currey’s book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, he examines 161 geniuses to identify consistent patterns of behavior. One of the most common traits? A daily walk. This solo time outdoors makes it easier to synthesize information so you can make interesting connections, better understand your emotions, and open the flow of creative inspiration. 


Original artwork by Carmela Segal

Dress up for yourself.

Were you a kid who liked to play dress up? If so, chances are, you’ll enjoy it just as much as an adult. Let yourself play with color, texture, and patterns. Try a bold lip. Wear a faux fur coat. Put on every piece of jewelry you own. What you do next is up to you: A fancy dinner out? A glam trip to the grocery store? A strut around the street? A fashion show for your family? A selfie from the comfort of your room? The choice is yours, so get creative and have fun.


Original artwork by Carmela Segal

Send yourself a card.

Buy a card and write yourself a love letter. Then, seal the envelope and save it for a time when you need to hear those words. When you open it is up to you: maybe it's an anniversary of a tough life event, or perhaps you listen to your intuition and let your heart guide you back to the letter whenever you need it. 

These beautiful handmade cards by artist Carmela Segal are an excellent option.



Get in touch with your senses. 

It's time to get sensual. You heard that right: tap into your five senses for a truly indulgent treat. Snack on dark chocolate or cacao for their mood boosting and heart-opening effects. Smell sexy scents like jasmine or ylang ylang essential oils. Buy yourself flowers so you'll have something beautiful to gaze upon. Listen to music that makes you feel powerful. Give yourself a hug as you take six deep breaths. 


Original artwork by Carmela Segal

Building a relationship with ourselves is a lifelong practice. Sometimes it comes easily, and sometimes we're met with a mountain of resistance. If these "dates" seem silly, remember they're simply catalysts to cultivating a deeper, consistent practice of self check-in and self-love. 

How do you nurture your relationship with yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

Sending lots of love!

xo, Honeylove


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