While gratitude is always in season, there may be no more appropriate time of year than Thanksgiving to take stock of what makes us feel thankful. However, it's not always easy to focus on the positive when the big stuff (read: health, family, work) goes awry.

The great news is, it doesn't take much to reap the benefits of a gratitude practice. In fact, if you think of five to ten things you're grateful for per day for eight weeks, you will actually change your brain patterns and rewire your mind for greater empathy and happiness.

To get you started, we've compiled a list of 25 things almost anyone can be thankful for, no matter what. After all, sometimes it's the small stuff that makes all the difference.



     1. Warm socks on a cold night
     2. A cup of coffee on a sleepy morning
     3. Unexpected compliments
     4. When you order something online and it fits perfectly
     5. Central heating
     6. Home cooked meals
     7. Long hugs
     8. Old friends
     9. Singing loudly to the radio on your morning commute



         10. A sunny day spent outside
         11. When it's raining and you have nowhere to be
         12. Belly laughs
         13. The wisdom that follows a mistake
         14. Free refills 
         15. Movies on demand 
         16. A person who will answer your call at two in the morning



           17. Unconditional love from pets
           18. A new outfit that makes you feel incredible
           19. A book that feeds your soul
           20. An act of kindness from a stranger
           21. A moment to yourself after a crazy day
           22. The feeling of lotion on super dry skin
           23. Food that's delivered to your door
           24. When you make the light in traffic
           25. Good hair days


        Which of these did you like the most? Can you think of any other good ones? Let us know in the comments below!



        • I’m thankful for Honeylove for making shapewear that actually holds me in and makes me feel at least a little better about myself and for the continuing emails of support that have kept me going on some very rough days.

          Melissa F. —

        • I am thankful that I have the best friends in the world, I love them all so much

          Lori Duane —

        • Waking up in the morning and knowing you are alive for another day to see your loved ones.

          Donna Vollebregt —

        • Good health
          The capacity to love and be loved
          To hear a baby laugh
          To see the colors in a rainbow

          Pamela Stallings —

        • Thanks ! What a lovely boost for this complicated season!

          LIsa Sokal —

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