We are trying to kick off a program that will motivate entrepreneurs to provide mentoring in their areas of expertise. As a startup headquartered in San Francisco and surrounded by thousands of other startups, we are convinced that there's an opportunity to join forces and support members of underprivileged communities. While our network is primarily here in the Bay Area, we do hope that over time we'll also get a chance to join forces with entrepreneurs from other hubs and that we'll manage to benefit communities from across the nation.

At the core of this program is the fact that talent is equally distributed across all genders and races, and that with the right mentorship we can help the socioeconomic landscape more closely reflect that truth than is currently the case. This mentorship can range from highly practical lessons all the way to goal-setting sessions, confidence-building techniques, introductions, and more.

Spark Up is currently at a very early ideation phase, and we're going public with it now in order to gather feedback and learn how it should be shaped to be successful. As such, we're open to suggestions on all topics that follow.

On the mentoring side, we'll do our best to recruit CEOs and other executives with significant amounts of entrepreneurial experience, and on the mentee side, we are focusing on all members of underprivileged communities. Each mentor will commit to work with 5 mentees for an entire quarter and will meet with this group via Zoom twice a month. Mentors and mentees will both fill out an application form where they will list their skills and interests, and Spark Up will run the matching process. All mentors will be publicly listed, and this will allow mentees to express preferences of who they would like to work with. If a given mentor is booked out, we'll allow the waitlisted mentees to join the Zoom sessions in silent mode and participate in the Q&A sessions. All Zoom sessions will also include volunteer notetakers who will publish the summary of all sessions on Spark Up's website.

Spark Up is an ambitious program, and in order to reach its full potential, we're actively looking for partners who will help us share the workload. To sign up as a mentor, mentee, or general volunteer, please use the form below. Also, don't hesitate to share any thoughts or feedback either directly in the comments section, or by emailing us at sparkup@honeylove.com.


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